• About Us

  • Mission Statement

    The mission of the Vallejo Chamber of Commerce is "To support, promote, and advocate for our members and create a vibrant, sustainable economy in the greater Vallejo area.”


    "We are the leading organization in the Vallejo area dedicated to the success of business and a strong economy."


    • BUSINESS-FOCUSED: We embrace diverse businesses and individuals as members who are essential to our success, and focus on their diverse needs and interests.
    • COLLABORATION: We seek out and work with our members, other individuals and organizations on issues important to our members and the  Chamber.
    • EXCELLENCE: We are committed to excellence and will seek to reflect that in all we do. We work tirelessly to support and promote local businesses and the economic prosperity of our community.

    History of the Vallejo Chamber of Commerce

    The Vallejo Chamber of Commerce began in May 1874 as the Vallejo Township Board of Trade. In April 1901 the Board of Trade was re-organized and renamed the Vallejo Chamber of Commerce.

    For more than 100 years, the Vallejo Chamber of Commerce has worked to improve the economic prosperity of our members and our community by:

    • Representing the interests of business to government;
    • Taking political action on those interests when necessary;
    • Promoting the community of Vallejo as an ideal destination in which to work, play, and stay; and
    • Creating networking and marketing opportunities members use to promote their organization.


    The Vallejo Chamber strives to create a strong business and enterprise environment knowing our success increases the economic prosperity for all.