The Vallejo Chamber of Commerce promotes a strong local economy by facilitating and encouraging sustainable commercial, industrial and residential development. The Chamber works closely with the City of Vallejo to strengthen and expand existing businesses and attract new businesses to Vallejo. The Vallejo Chamber of Commerce is the only organization that works to develop every aspect of our local economy.

Whether we are working to expand existing industries, attract new businesses or providing small businesses with assistance, the Vallejo Chamber works every day to ensure that there will be a strong and healthy economic environment for our members.

The Chamber’s primary role in the city’s economic development is to help strengthen the local economy by assisting our membership and the existing business community. We are actively accomplishing this by spearheading a business retention program for major employers, increasing opportunities for Vallejo businesses to conduct business with each other, and by referring our member businesses to potential business and consumer clients.


Relocating or starting a business in the Vallejo Area
Contact the Chamber if you are considering starting or relocating a business in the Vallejo Area.