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The Vallejo Chamber of Commerce has an established record of supporting local businesses and pro-business/pro-job initiatives. It is common for members and non-members to approach the Chamber, asking for its’ endorsement of new projects. As such, it is important that the Chamber take steps to formalize its’ endorsement process to gain a thorough understanding of a project or initiative before committing its’ support or dedicating resources. This process will ensure the Chamber’s endorsement of projects is consistent in its priorities and given the proper credibility by decision makers in Vallejo.

The following policy will be used for the Chamber’s consideration of any formal endorsement or support of a new project, business or related initiative.

  • Step One – Applicant Submits Written Request to the Chamber Office
    Interested applicants must complete an online form that includes the applicants full name, email address, project or business name, and a brief description of the issue. The form is located on the Chamber website. The completed form will be emailed to the Chamber CEO for review.

  • Step Two – Applicant Confirms Sponsorship and Schedules Meeting
    All non-member applicants must be sponsored by an active Chamber Member. Following the submission of the online form, the Chamber will contact the applicant to confirm sponsorship and schedule a presentation for the next monthly meeting of the Economic Development Committee.

  • Step Three – Applicant Presents to Economic Development Committee
    Both member and non-member applicants must give a presentation to the Economic Development Committee explaining the issue for which they are seeking Chamber endorsement. Applicants are encouraged to provide written materials or related collateral. Non-member applicants are also encouraged to have their Chamber sponsor present at the meeting.

  • Generally, projects will be reviewed based on the following criteria:

  • Is the project compatible with the Chamber’s overall mission and vision for Vallejo?
  • Does the project provide a benefit to the city of Vallejo and its citizens?
  • Does the project consider the interests of other businesses, both in its proximity and in the greater Vallejo area?

  • Step Four – Economic Development Committee Review
    The Economic Development Committee will consider the merits of the proposed project, business or initiative and make a decision within 30 days. The Committee may also opt to utilize this time to gather input from related stakeholder groups. Include independent professional opinion with comments noted.

  • Step Five – Committee Submits Recommendation to the Chamber Board of Directors
    If the Committee agrees to recommend that the Chamber Board of Directors endorse the project, it will be placed on the agenda for the next meeting of the Chamber Board of Directors for their review and approval.

  • Step Six – Chamber Board of Directors Reviews the Proposal and Votes
    At the next meeting of the Chamber Board of Directors, the Board will review the proposal and hold a vote. Majority vote will determine the outcome.

  • Step Seven – Chamber Notifies Applicant of Its Decision
    The Chamber will provide written notice to the applicant of the Board’s decision. If the Board does not vote in support, no further steps will be taken at this time. The Chamber will post the decision on the Chamber’s website.

  • Step Eight – Chamber Drafts a Letter of Endorsement and Attends Public Meeting(s)
    If the Board of Directors votes in support, a letter of endorsement will be drafted and a Chamber Representative will read the letter at the appropriate Public/City/County meeting. The meeting will be selected by the applicant. Depending on the extent of the project and its positive impact on Vallejo businesses, the Chamber may opt to support the applicant in additional Public/City/County meetings and/or hearings.

  • No special meetings will be called for review of proposals.

    Click here to download the form. Once properly filled out, please email the attached form to
    James Cooper, President & CEO of the Vallejo Chamber.