• Vallejo Needs Local Help on 2018 Bloomberg Mayors Challenge Testing Phase

    April 11, 2018
    On February 21, 2018, it was announced that the City of Vallejo was selected as one of 35 Champion City Finalists for the Bloomberg Mayor's Challenge. The City proposed a pilot project that could help reduce water waste, improve infrastructure planning and preventative maintenance, lower City energy costs, and ultimately reduce the City's carbon footprint. 

    The idea is to utilize crowdsourced information from residents and businesses to compile data into heat maps and cross-reference with information collected by ground-penetrating radar, acoustic sensors, and artificial intelligence/machine learning to develop a detailed map of subsurface water pipes, conduit and infrastructure without excavating or disturbing the ground.

    Residents and businesses are encouraged to participated by completing this short survey.
    In March 2018, four City staff attended a 3-day "Ideas Camp" in New York hosted and 
    sponsored by Bloomberg Philanthropies, along with the 34 other Champion Cities to further refine, adapt and revise the original proposal.
    As part of the idea, the City will partner with a professor and his research team from the University of Vermont that specializes in ground-penetrating radar technology, as well as a Silicon Valley-based technology firm, Civic Foundry, who will work on the artificial intelligence/machine learning algorithms.

    To learn more about the idea and testing phase visit www.cityofvallejo.net/VallejoPipes.
    Joanna Altman, Assistant to the City Manager
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