• Vallejo Admirals are looking for host families for 2017

    May 04, 2017
    Vallejo, CAMarch 7, 2017 –
    The Vallejo Admirals Professional Baseball Franchise is entering its fifth season, and is looking for host families to house players in 2017. The season is scheduled to begin June 2nd, and a 10-day spring training begins May 22nd that prospective host families can use as a trial period.
    Host Families are a long-standing and highly honored part of Minor League Professional Baseball. Virtually all teams in Independent Leagues and Major League affiliated teams below Class AA have host families for the majority of their players. These programs are a vital part of a player’s success both on and off the field. Having players become a part of a local family helps these young men stay grounded in an unfamiliar city, build their life skills, and affords them the stability they need at “home” to concentrate on building their baseball skills in an incredibly competitive profession.
    Becoming a host family for these players is doing more than providing a roof over their heads for a few months. Our ultimate goal is to try to give the players a home away from home and feel more a part of the community while they’re here.
    Previous Admirals host families loved the experience and will take part in the program again. Renee Jordan of Jordan Real Estate was a host for two players in 2016.
    “Having young men from all over the world trying to make the cut, watching their drive and determination was rewarding,” Jordan said. “They worked so hard, and I’m still in contact with two of them. One is perusing his dream working in his home town as a personal trainer and playing on teams and traveling, the other young man accepted a position as a high school coach and director at a Christian school.”
    Jordan enjoyed meeting players from a variety of cultural backgrounds and upbringings and is excited to be a host again in 2017. “They came from Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Florida, Nevada, Louisiana, New Jersey and two small islands in the Mediterranean. I look forward to see who comes across my path this year!”
    Admirals’ staff member, Melissa De Casas, also enjoyed her host family experience and is looking forward to hosting a player again in 2017.
    “We got to meet somebody new that you don't usually get to interact with as much as a fan,” De Casas said. “They were a good influence and example for our kids. You get to learn about their families and culture, and I learned how to make a Dominican dish. We would definitely do it again.”
    Some of the perks for our host families are:
    • Free t-shirt, season tickets to all home games, and free entry to all away games (Pittsburg, Sonoma, San Rafael)
    • Team sponsored pre-season and in-season season events for all host families
    • On-field recognition ceremony at the end of the season for host family
    • Discounts on all team merchandise
    These players make minor-league wages, which makes the need for host families extremely important. Becoming a host family truly allows a household to join the Vallejo Admiral family. The recognition and perks one receives as compensation for becoming a host family are worth more than money. The memories and relationships host families make with their “host sons” are invaluable and will last a lifetime.
    There are responsibilities expected of the host families, such as providing room and board for the player and encouraging them to participate as members of their families. And there are responsibilities expected from the players as well, such as adhering to the family rules set forth by the host family, and giving their host family the same respect and consideration to the host family that he would give to his own family.
    For more information visit www.vallejoadmirals.com or contact the Vallejo Admirals at info@vallejoadmirals.com or 707-641-1111.
    Tim Fitzgerald, Media Relations Director
    tfitzgerald@vallejoadmirals.com, (415) 420-2412
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