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    February 21, 2019
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    $9,908.80 Grant to Support Education Program in Sustainability
    Solano Community Foundation and Sustainable Solano Collaborate

    FAIRFIELD, Calif.:  Solano Community Foundation recently awarded a grant in the amount of $9,908.80 to Sustainable Solano to develop a pilot curriculum in partnership with St. Patrick-St. Vincent High School in Vallejo.  The grant was made from SCF’s Education Plus! Program Fund, a keystone fund that supports education programs in Solano schools.  This fund also provides funding to nonprofits that work with students to improve academic achievement. 

    This project at SPSV will focus on sustainable water and permaculture.  The curriculum and materials are designed to enhance classroom learning, especially in math and science.  The hands-on practical application will involve building swales to slow, spread, and sink rainwater, building a rainwater collection system, and learning about greywater.  The students will also build an earth bench (a cob bench) using natural on-site materials.

    SCF’s CEO, Connie Harris, had this to say about the project, “We’re happy and proud to be able to help Sustainable Solano develop the first pilot curriculum for what I hope to become many partnerships with Solano schools!  This project truly has the ‘Plus! factor’ and is a shining example of how our Education Plus! Program grants can help ‘plant seeds’ for important and needed changes in our communities!”

    SCF has previously made grants to support Sustainable Solano projects, thereby earning a place in SuSol’s Hall of Fame.  SCF is on the web at www.solanocf.org.  Sustainable Solano is on the web at www.sustainablesolano.org.
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    The Solano Community Foundation is a qualified public charity that received its 501(c)(3) tax-exempt determination in March of 1996.  It serves the charitable needs of Solano County residents.  It administers a number of component funds that make grants and award scholarships to other non-profits and schools.  The Foundation also offers community workshops and training in the areas of governance, fundraising, leadership, and management, and advocates for needed programs and services.  To learn more about SCF’s mission, funds, or programs, or to join their Nonprofit Partnership Program, visit their website at www.solanocf.org.  Look for them on Facebook as Solano Community Foundation.  They are also on Twitter and Instagram.
    Samantha Fordyce, Development Associate
    (707) 399-3846
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