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    July 02, 2019
    The Vallejo Yacht Club -
    Making Your Community Better Through Public School Partnerships

    For years now, cadets from Jessica Bethel High School NJROTC Program have supported the Vallejo Yacht Club’s opening day ceremonies by participating in a special flag raising which officially opens the sailing season. We often toyed with the idea of having our cadets participate in the club's summer sailing academy but year after year it was a challenge until the spring of 2018 when Chief Hood, one of two naval science instructors at Jessica Bethel High School met Matthew Ceryes, the yacht club manager. They convinced two of his students to participate. Well needless to say that sparked more interest, and this year four new students and one returning cadet took the class which is a six day, physically demanding, and mentally challenging sailing academy at the Vallejo Yacht Club.

    This June 17-22, our five cadets from the Jesse Bethel NJROTC program were up and out on the docks by 0900 rigging the sails with many other folks taking the class, ready to set sail for the day's training. The cadets along with their new-found friends, were all under the careful supervision of the club’s certified volunteer sailing instructors who donate time and energy from their busy lifestyles to mentor and teach these young Mariners the basics of nautical science and how to maneuver a sailing vessel in and out of the channel.

    There’s always cost associated with learning a valuable skill such as sailing, so the Club’s Membership & Board of Directors offered the cadets a discounted price which was covered by five scholarships provided by a veterans organization called Military Order of World Wars: SF Chapter, who fully funded the program for the past two years. Both Matt Ceryes and Chief Ivery Hood share a vision to continue growing the program each year as a way of enhancing their youth citizenship programs at the Yacht Club, Jesse Bethel High School, and throughout the Vallejo community.

    The summer sailing academy is just one of many opportunities offered at Jesse Bethel through its NJROTC program. To learn more about the sailing academy and other youth citizenship programs offered please contact Matthew Ceryes at the Vallejo Yacht Club manager@vyc.org or Chief Ivery Hood at the Jesse Bethel HS  NJROTC ihood@vcusd.org

    Matthew Ceryes, VYC Manager
    (707) 643-1254
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