• Governor's Economic Development Team Tours Mare Island Naval Shipyard

    August 13, 2019
    Governor's Economic Development Team Tours Mare Island Naval Shipyard
    Recently, Lenny Mendonca, Chief Economic and Business Advisor for the State of California, Aneesh Raman, with Senior Advisor on Economic Strategy and External Affairs, and other key members of California Governor Gavin Newsom's economic development team, completed a tour of Mare Island. In addition to touring Factory_OS and other local businesses, the team discussed opportunity zones. In 2018, Mare Island was designated by the state as an opportunity zone. Opportunity zones are areas where property investors can invest into the community, and in return receive tax breaks which improve the longer they invest. 

    "We're very interested in regions of the state that are trying to help create new opportunities for the residents, both in terms of jobs creation and housing production, and in terms of good community engagement," said Mendonca. 
    The bond between Vallejo and the Governor's Office will continue to attract more economic investment to the Vallejo community and will further the drive of Vallejo's economic renaissance, focusing on creating inclusive opportunities for the community and region, nurturing a diverse ecosystem of small/medium/large businesses to create living wage jobs, and helping drive innovation to solve some of the critical issues facing our neighboring cities around the Bay and State.

    To read more about the visit to Mare Island, click here and here


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